Best Light Bulb Camera for Indoors and Outdoors in 2023

Why do you need the best light bulb camera for your home security? Every homeowner’s top priority is keeping their home safe. To do this, you should install some security cameras. But what if you prefer a hidden security camera that blends in with the decor of your home or business?

You’ll require a security camera in this situation! If you’re looking for a gadget that doesn’t require wiring and has a stylish design, a light bulb security camera is a fantastic choice. A surveillance tool known as a light bulb camera uses infrared light to track the movement of persons and things around it.

These cameras can be installed in locations with a high need for security, such as retail establishments, workplaces, or the exterior of your home. They may record anything from license plate numbers to faces to movement patterns and are more covert than video cameras.

Additionally, compared to other security equipment, these handy small cameras are less expensive, so you don’t have to spend much money on them. To assist you in safeguarding your possessions, we’ve reviewed some of the most astonishing lightbulb cameras of 2023. With this helpful device, you can effortlessly protect your home when you aren’t there.

Best Light Bulb Camera for Indoors and Outdoors security

Here we have listed the 12 best light bulb cameras with the best features, advantages, and disadvantages. Read on to learn all about light bulb-style cameras.

Best Light Bulb Camera
TONSAN Light Bulb Camera

1. TONSAN Light Bulb Camera

Recommended Uses For Product: Indoor, Outdoor | Brand: TONSAN | Connectivity Technology: Wireless | Special Feature: Motion Sensor | Product Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches | Manufacturer: TONSAN |

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Increasing your home security is excellent whether you live with family or alone. The TONSAN Light Bulb Camera is the ideal gadget if you need continuous monitoring. No additional tools are needed to install this bulb; it may be screwed into an E27 bulb base to begin recording. Whether you’re a tech whiz or not, you can set up and use this light bulb camera in no time.

A mobile application with an attractive and straightforward user interface can easily manage or control this device. Additionally, because of its clear lens, you won’t see any hazy results when you check what’s happening. Even the slightest movement can be seen in the camera’s video, which is quite clear. Because of its incredibly accurate readings and simple setup, we’ve decided this light bulb home security camera is the best option.

  • Easy to the installation process
  • Doesn’t get affected by water
  • Offers both day and night vision
    best weatherproof security camera
    WOOLINK Light Bulb Camera

    2. WOOLINK Light Bulb Camera

    The WOOLINK Light Bulb Camera is ideal if you’re searching for a camera that lets you keep an eye on things around the house and looks stylish. This black light bulb home security camera will serve as the eyes and ears you need to hear or see anything out of the ordinary. This camera consistently produces evident daytime or midnight results.

    You no longer need a guard dog to watch over your home since this smart camera will take care of that for you! The fantastic motion detection feature can pick up even the slightest movements, and if anything untoward happens, you’ll immediately get a warning on your phone. With its white and infrared lighting, this light bulb camera can take clear pictures even in the darkest hours.

    • Mobile watching is possible live.
    • It allows you to send videos to other people.
    • Comes with a two-way audio system.
    • The item only fits loosely into the lamp fixture.
    best high heat security camera
    XVIM Light Bulb Camera

    3. XVIM Light Bulb Camera

    The XVIM Light Bulb Camera can be functional if you want to conveniently watch every area of your room. The camera is exceptionally well made and will no doubt withstand the test of time. This camera can defend your property in rainy weather thanks to its water-resistant capabilities. Only one camera in your home will suffice; you won’t need to install additional ones.

    The photos captured by this camera, which can be rotated 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically, are sharp and clear. The installation of this bulb camera is hassle-free and straightforward. This light camera is simple to operate and requires no special knowledge. You only need to screw this camera into the light bulb socket to use it. With this camera, everything can be done perfectly and without a hitch.

    • Includes clever storage.
    • Supports night vision with infrared.
    • Simple to control via an app.
    • The package is missing an SD card.
    best light bulb security camera
    RXHOOL Light Bulb Camera

    4. RXHOOL Light Bulb Camera

    Surveillance cameras are a terrific method to monitor your home when you’re not home. The RXHOOL Light Bulb Camera stands apart from thousands of similar devices because of its many capabilities. You can see clearly and comfortably in various directions thanks to a unique 360-degree rotation mechanism. This ingenious gadget can check on any room at night without getting out of bed.

    Thanks to its excellent night vision, this light bulb camera produces precise results both during the day and at night. Additionally, utilizing this camera is simple and easy. You only need to download the App for this security camera to function; it has an easy-to-use interface. With this helpful device installed, you can take a long journey and keep an eye on your home.

    • It is suited to the E27 bulb base.
    • Enables 1080p video output.
    • Possesses robust motion detection.
    • Only one color is offered.
    best bulb security camera outdoors
    LUNLUN Light Bulb Camera

    5. LUNLUN Light Bulb Camera

    It might be frustrating to use surveillance cameras with intricate wiring systems. Fortunately, the LUNLUN Light Bulb Camera has a wireless setup and performs well. This camera can discreetly monitor your surroundings with a reliable wifi connection and a light fixture. Fast motion detection can pick up even the slightest movement and alert you immediately if something seems wrong.

    If a burglar breaks into your house, this bulb camera will immediately notify you on your mobile device. This light camera is water-resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming wet or exposed to harsh weather like snow.

    • It has a built-in wifi antenna.
    • It has a light sensor built-in.
    • Compatible with a variety of gadgets
    • The manual needs further explanations.
    best light camera outdoors
    YUOCHY Light Bulb Camera

    6. YUOCHY Light Bulb Camera

    This Yuochy lightbulb camera captures images in HD with a 1080p resolution. Depending on convenience, the videos can either be kept on an SD card that has been inserted or on the cloud.

    The camera’s 360° pan angle and high-sensitivity motion detector allow it to capture all the necessary information. With this camera, the user will get an app alert if suspicious behavior occurs. Additionally, the user may adjust the viewing angle via the App, allowing it to record films in low light. The two-way audio capability of this camera also enables conversation from both sides of the camera.

    The wall mount installation is simple to install and only requires that an E27 socket be connected.

    • The visual quality is excellent.
    • Dual storage possibilities
    • Motion sensor with high sensitivity.
    • Remote management is available for viewing angles.
    • Users thought the motion detection was unworthy of praise.
    best light bulb security cameras
    OwLUCK Light Bulb Camera

    7. OwLUCK Light Bulb Camera

    This camera provides 5G Dual-band HD vision in addition to 2.4 GHz, ensuring improved signal and excellent compatibility. Additionally, it delivers images with a 1080p resolution.

    This camera works with iOS and Android devices, enabling mobile tracking and multiple connections from a single device. The mobile application allows for remote control of the gadget. All actions are captured thanks to motion detection technology, the 360° pan, and the 95° tilt. The user receives an app notification if there are any unusual behaviors. Furthermore, the camera can record videos in the dark thanks to its full-color and infrared night vision. The audio can be applied from both camera sides during voice conversations.

    Videos can be kept on an SD card or in the cloud, where they can be shared with others for numerous viewings.

    • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wifi are supported.
    • Compatible with both iOS and Android.
    • Complete night vision in color.
    • Informs the user of any unusual behavior.
    • The 64GB SD card that is supported might need to be improved.
    best outdoor security camera
    SAFEVANT Light Bulb Camera

    8. SAFEVANT Light Bulb Camera

    The ease of installation and ability to connect to the existing E27 socket without additional wiring or wall-breaking make this light bulb security camera ideal. With 2.4 GHz wifi capability, it may be used for inside and outdoor security.

    The camera can catch all nearby activity with a vertical angle of 90° and a horizontal angle of 355°. Using the mobile App, you may also manage the camera’s tracking and direction. Thanks to the two-way speaking feature, the user can speak to the camera from both sides. Additionally, motion detection is simple and will notify users of any unusual activity.

    The dual storage option lets you store the videos on an SD card with support or in the cloud.

    • Simple installation
    • Dual storage possibilities
    • Setting up motion detection is simple.
    • Suitable for usage both inside and outside.
    • The camera is not water-resistant.
    best camera for outdoor
    Collee Light Bulb Camera

    9. Collee Light Bulb Camera

    This panoramic bulb camera produces videos with a 1080p HD resolution. Additionally, the user can remotely manage this gadget and monitor it via mobile apps.

    The cutting-edge night vision is outfitted with infrared LEDs, enabling crisp video recording even at night. The rotation’s 355° horizontal and 90° vertical angles leave no blind spots and capture all movements. The aberrant or suspicious behavior is captured by intelligent motion tracking and detection, alerting the users. The user can talk to each other from either side of the camera thanks to two-way audio.

    Since the device doesn’t require additional wiring or wall breaking, installation is straightforward. It can be connected through 2.4 GHz wifi and the standard E27 plug.

    • A panoramic bulb camera is a plus.
    • Mobile apps for remote monitoring.
    • Advanced motion detection
    • Two-way audio.
    • The product’s instructions could have been more helpful.
    best security camera
    JENNOV Light Bulb Camera

    10. JENNOV Light Bulb Camera

    This E27 standard light bulb socket must be connected to the Jennov light bulb camera, which is simple to set up. After that, it takes less than a minute to connect to the 2.4 GHz wifi.

    The cutting-edge two-way speak capability enables user interaction from both camera sides. The anti-noise speaker and microphone make solid and natural communication possible. The user may capture crystal-clear films even at night thanks to the night color vision and the 3MP camera. Thanks to a sensitivity adjuster, the user can change the motion detector’s sensitivity to suit their needs. The camera activates the floodlight and the alarm if any suspicious behavior is detected with AI algorithms and vertical and horizontal rotations.

    Videos may be kept on an SD card or in cloud storage. Considering its light and small size, this gadget can be mounted on ceilings. Additionally, it works with Google Home and Alexa.

    • E27 light socket
    • 360-degree motion detector.
    • Possibility of quick setup.
    • Characteristics for a two-way conversation.
    • 3MP camera with night vision for nighttime videos that are clear.
    • Improved AI algorithms
    • Customers criticized the post-sale support.
    best hidden camera
    Camcamp Light Bulb Camera

    11. Camcamp Light Bulb Camera

    Our light bulb camera uses a 10x hybrid zoom, a combination of optical and digital zoom with low pixel loss and quick zoom speed, to ensure exact zoom-in or zoom-out for minor details. This is different from the digital zoom of other security cameras. The camera has a 3.6mm secondary lens to capture crucial information more clearly and far. Install the wireless security camera into a standard E27 bulb base (110V–240V), then use an Android or iOS device to download the “IPC360 Home” app and scan the QR code on the camera to start using it.

    With 2MP pixels, the outdoor security camera can give you highly sought-after, crystal-clear pictures and movies even in inclement weather.

    Additionally, it includes four infrared LEDs and eight white LEDs incorporated into it, allowing it to convert freely between infrared, color, and intelligent light night vision while still producing obvious images even in the darkest of settings.

    The wireless light bulb camera wifi will immediately activate sound and powerful light alerts to deter criminals whenever it detects motion. The camera will simultaneously record moving objects and provide real-time notifications to your phone to see what happened.

    The bulb camera can safeguard your property in real-time from all angles by providing 360° views without blind spots. Thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker, you may communicate with your family or guests using your mobile phone. You only need to download the IPC360 Home app to watch it from anywhere.

    • Hybrid zooming in at 10x.
    • Wireless technology alone.
    • Speaker and microphone built-in.
    • Includes a siren that detects movements.
    • It could be challenging to connect to wifi.
    • Voice control through Alexa or Google Assistant might not be available.
    best outdoor light camera
    Symynelec Light Bulb Camera

    12. Symynelec Light Bulb Camera

    Like installing a light lamp, screw the light security camera into your E26/E27 lamp base (110V-240V). Use the “iCSee” app to program your security camera in three minutes, free to download from the App Store or Google Play. Only 2.4GHz wifi is supported by security cameras (Not 5GHz wifi). The camera can receive wifi signals up to 10 meters away. Install it as close as you can to the wifi router.

    Automatically detects activity in your indoor or outdoor environment using 355° PTZ technology. Wide field of view, 355° horizontal and 120° vertical rotation. SYMYNELEC Security Cam. The issue App makes it simple to pan, tilt, zoom, light up, talk, and playback whenever and anywhere. Please note that the light security camera’s maximum horizontal rotation angle is 355 degrees, not 360 degrees cyclically.

    While you’re gone, motion alerts will be delivered to your device to inform you of any potential threats to your house. Working with Security Camera wifi indoors, which enables you to get in touch with your family or pets wherever you are at any time, thanks to a built-in speaker, will give you peace of mind.

    Even at night, 1080P HD light security cameras offer clear images. Smart Night Vision lets you see everything well, even when it is dark, and the lights automatically switch on when you approach.

    Videos and accounts are secured using a particular encryption method to store videos on a micro SD card (SD Card not included) or the cloud. Even if your security camera or SD card is stolen, you can only access the video data on your bill if stored on the SD card. Maintain your home’s security and the confidentiality of your data.

    • Simple installation
    • 1080p quality.
    • Talking back and forth.
    • Simple to use
    • It could be tedious to review the motion detection images.
    • Not 5Ghz wifi compatible.

    The Light Bulb Camera Buying Guide

    Anyone who wishes to monitor their home while they are gone should consider installing light bulb cameras. Lightbulb cameras are an excellent choice if you’re concerned about someone breaking into your house or place of business. We go through everything you need to know about these practical devices below.

    What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Light Bulb home security Camera. The following are some essential characteristics that your light camera ought to have:


    To begin with, confirm that any light bulb socket can accommodate the bulb camera’s installation. Before purchasing, check the specs, as some cameras need a particular lamp bulb.

    Evening vision

    One of the most crucial characteristics of a light-bulb camera is the ability to take pictures in low light. This is because most crimes occur at night, making it essential for the camera to have good night vision. You can see the image on your phone when lying happily in bed at night and wanting to check out what’s happening outside. Finding a camera with night vision is essential to receiving complete security.

    Broad angle

    A wide-angle lens is necessary for a good light bulb camera to catch as much of the space as feasible. If any intruders are breaking in, this will make it simpler for you to determine what is happening inside your home.

    Motion sensor

    A light bulb security camera with motion detection features will be able to capture video when an object moves in its range of vision.

    The camera will identify movement in your house while you’re gone and notify you via notification, text, or phone call so you can respond appropriately.

    Simple to use

    Pick a simple bulb camera that is simple to operate and hassle-free. Most bulb cameras only need an app installed to be managed. We advise selecting one with an intuitive user interface.

    Benefits of Light Bulb Photography

    What benefits come with installing a light bulb camera?

    • The most significant benefit of using a light bulb camera is that it can be placed anywhere and doesn’t take up much space. They are also incredibly energy-efficient and don’t use much.
    • Since light-bulb cameras don’t need to be formally placed, they can be utilized anyplace in a home or business.
    • These cameras are incredibly inexpensive, making utilizing them on a tight budget simple.
    • Their installation is as straightforward as screwing in a light bulb.
    • Light bulb cameras are incredibly portable and simple to use. People frequently use them to monitor elderly parents who may have mobility issues.
    • These cameras can be used for surveillance without the target being aware, which makes them ideal for security workers who need to monitor their property from distant locations.

    A Light Bulb Camera’s Use

    Any light fixture can accommodate a camera, known as a light-bulb camera. It is frequently used to keep an eye on a location without apparent cameras, but it may also be used to monitor public areas like malls and offices. An app is used to link the camera to a computer or smartphone. You can view the events around you by downloading the camera’s photographs to your phone or tablet. This technology may be used for various things, like keeping an eye on your home, spying on visitors or employees, and determining who enters your facility.

    People Also Asked

    Q: Are light bulb cameras weather-resistant?

    A: The majority of light bulb cameras are weatherproof. They are resistant to snow, rain, and other weather elements. If you reside in a rainy, damp environment, read the product description before purchasing because some items are more weather-resistant than others.

    Q: Can light bulb cameras be used indoors?

    A: When used inside, light bulb cameras can be pretty helpful. These cameras will not only allow you to observe what is happening while you are away from home, but they will also enable you to keep an eye on your family members’ and pets’ well-being. In extreme weather, you can use them to monitor your house or workplace temperature.

    Q: What is the power source for light bulb cameras?

    A: The majority of digital cameras and light bulb cameras share the same battery. Depending on how frequently you use them, their built-in rechargeable battery lasts one to three years. You can buy more for your bulb cameras if you need more batteries. Even some cameras use power to operate.

    Q: Does a light bulb camera record?

    A: Yes, light bulb cameras record, and the image quality is based on the camera’s resolution.

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